Josh North alternate

Josh North listens as Jim Bradshaw speaks May 16 at Trinity Lutheran Church. Bradshaw, Lutheran Church Missouri Synod assistant to the Kansas district president for education, presented North with a graduation certificate. North is the church school’s only eighth-grade graduate for this spring. For more information, go to

The names listed here have been provided by Trinity Lutheran School based on information compiled by the school.


Alexis Andring, seventh grade

Jacob Blanton, seventh grade

Katelyn Brincefield, seventh grade

Jaid Dewitt, seventh grade

Emily Fuhrman, sixth grade

Emma Handkey, seventh grade

Eli Harper, fourth grade

Isaac Hoffman, fifth grade

Rebecca Hoffman, seventh grade

Micha Leondardi, seventh grade

Tristina Martin, seventh grade

Gavin Moore, fifth grade

Marin Moore, seventh grade

Alexandria Schmutzler, seventh grade

Alexis Trautloff, sixth grade


Jackson Blakley, fourth grade

Cassidy Blanton, fifth grade

Michael Fuhrman, fourth grade

Aden Gabe, sixth grade

Evan Gabe, fifth grade

Dillon Gilbert, fifth grade

Joshua Pierce, sixth grade

Max Lopez, fifth grade

Daniel Wagner, fifth grade

Selah Worsham, sixth grade


Preston Blakely, sixth grade

Elijah Brittian, seventh grade

Josh North, eighth grade

Lorene Peuker, fifth grade

Teagan Stone, fourth grade

If you know of a student who has been left out, please call Trinity Lutheran School at 913-367-4763.

Atchison Globe staff can be reached at 913-367-0583.

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