The Rev. Jeremy Heppler, OSB, pastor of St. Benedict Parish, left, Superintendent Vince Cascone, Archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas Schools, SBCS Principal Helen Schwinn, the Rev. Gary Pennings, Vicar General of Archdiocese and former SBCS Principal Diane Liebsch are on hand to accept the banner.

St. Benedict Catholic School has been named the Catholic Education Foundation’s School of Excellence for 2019.

The school was recently recognized at the Foundation’s annual event, Guadeamus — Let Us Rejoice in the Kansas City area. SBCS Principal Helen Schwinn accepted the 2019 School of Excellence Award on behalf of the school and acknowledged the former Principal Diane Liebsch.

Liebsch retired at the end of the school year after serving more than 40 years in education. The last eight of those years were served as the SBCS principal.

Schiwinn also thanked the SBCS faculty, staff and parents.

“Our Catholic roots run deep in Atchison,” Schwinn said. “And we are guided by the belief that every child deserves the opportunity to be educated in a Christ-centered environment. We are honored by this recognition and extend appreciation to CEF and to the generous donors who help us carry out our mission.”

SBCS has a current enrollment of 214 students in grades preschool through eighth-grade. The Foundation has provided scholarships for 52 of those students.

The Guadeamus event raised $1.98 million dollars to help provide scholarships for qualifying students in the Archdiocesan schools. The School of Excellence recognition is awarded annually to a school demonstrating high performance in the following areas: joyfully Catholic, prudently managed, forwardly thinking, intentionally self-giving, and diligently achieving. SBCS was a semi-finalist for the award in 2018.

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