Kythe says prayers during the consecration of the ‘St. Maur Rescues St. Plaid’ statue in front of the Fr. Edwin Watson administration building.

The names listed here have been provided by Maur Hill-Mount Academy based on information compiled by the school.


Emma Buhman-Wiggs

Rebecka Buron

Annabelle Diebolt

Hung Do

Sophia Hill

Colten Kocour

Lauren Kocour

Dylan McConnell Curry

Rongzhi “Peter” Zhang


Jared Baker

Madeline Baniewicz

Andy Brox

Tzu-Chi “Emily” Chang

Yiru “Claire” Chen

Junru “Crystal” Chen

Youwei “Adam” Chen

Seoyeun Choi

Duc Minh Chu

Skylar Clark

Cade Clemens

Zanaa Cordis

Parker Delfelder

Zhijun “Mavis” Ding

Sara Domann

Emmaly Dryden

Somtochukwu “Somto” Eche

Dawson Eylar

Madison Folsom

Haylie Folsom

Megan Goracke

Echo Growney

Weizhuang Guo

Yu “Yolanda” Guo

Caeli Haigh

Sarah Heath

Jacob Heim

Isaac Henderson

Enna Hernandez

Dorothy Hoopes

Kenneth Howard

Hannah Kleman

Kolbran Korbelik

Blaine Kramer

Chau Le

Tzu-Hsuang “Sherry” Lin

Ching-Hung “Jimmy” Lin

Tianyi “Sylvia” Liu

Wei “Willy” Lu

Duong “Matthew” Luong Hong Hien

Anthony Lutz

William Madden

Yuxuan Mao

Rory Mata

Broderick Mispagel

If you know of a student who has been left out, please call MH-MA at 913-367-5482.

Atchison Globe staff can be reached at 913-367-0583.

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