Bus safety reminders

Stop on Red, Kids Ahead, is a statewide program to improve safety relating to motorists in Kansas and school bus traffic regulations.

School buses throughout Kansas school districts will soon be sporting special bumper stickers as part of a safety campaign.

Collins Bus, a Hutchinson-based bus manufacturing firm, on Aug. 29 donated 10,000 bumper stickers in support of Stop on Red, Kids Ahead, a school bus safety campaign, the Kansas State Department of Education announced.

Vice president and General Manager Chris Hiebert, of Collins Bus, presented the bumper stickers with support of Lowen Color Graphics earlier this week to Director Keith Dreiling, KSDE School Bus Safety Unit. KSDE will distribute the bumper stickers to Kanas school districts at upcoming meetings as a way to promote the Stop on Red, Kids Ahead campaign.

In April 2019, Kansas bus driver reported 1,040 stop arm violations from data collected during the Kansas One-Day Stop Arm Violation Count. There were 220 districts and 3,300 buses that participated in the survey, the KSDE reported. In April 2018, 214 districts and 3,347 buses participated. The reported violations were 1,030 violations. These figures compare to the 691 violations reported by 188 districts from a total of 2,527 in April 2017.

The campaign includes news releases, social media reminders, posters for schools, safety flyers, informational handouts and bumper stickers.

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