The names listed here have been provided by Atchison County Community Junior-Senior High School based on information compiled by the school.


Georgia Appel, 11th grade

Kreyton Bauerle, seventh grade

Isabelle Beagle, ninth grade

Maci Behrnes, eighth grade

Jordan Caplinger, seventh grade

Victoria Caplinger, 10th grade

Cameron Cooper, 12th grade

Jaycee Ernzen, 11th grade

Autumn Gann, eighth grade

Savannah Gann, 12th grade

Annie Hall, 10th grade

Sara Johnson, 11th grade

Ahstyn Jolly, eighth grade

Korin Kimmi, seventh grade

Sarah Kimmi, 10th grade

Brodie McAlexander, seventh grade

Jonna McDermed, 11th grade

Caleb Miller, eighth grade

Cole Montgomery, 12th grade

Kaitlyn Nitz, 12th grade

Natalie Nitz, seventh grade

Lillee Norris, seventh grade

Eliana Pantle, seventh grade

Allyson Peterson, eighth grade

Jenna Pitts, seventh grade

Emili Postma, seventh grade

Graci Postma, 10th grade

Sara Razo, 12th grade

Addison Schletzbaum, seventh grade

Lane Scoggins, 11th grade

Conner Simmers, seventh grade

Tucker Smith, 10th grade

Rebecca Statler, ninth grade

Curtis Stirton, 12th grade

Kayla Vanderpool, 10th grade

Aleah Wallisch, seventh grade


Ashton Appel, 11th grade

Jimmy Bowen, 10th grade

Katie Beien, 11th grade

Shelby Burge, eighth grade

Tanner Buttron, ninth grade

Joel Clem, 12th grade

Dalton Damon, seventh grade

Melany Donaldson, seventh grade

Bailey Elias, seventh grade

Corbin Ellerman, seventh grade

Emilee Falk, ninth grade

Wyatt Fassnacht, 10th grade

Austin Flint, eighth grade

Tannah Forbes, ninth grade

Dalton Gerardy, eighth grade

Madison Gill, ninth grade

Rylee Jennings, seventh grade

Lauren Hall, eighth grade

Erin Hamilton, 12th grade

Britney Haynes, 12th grade

Marcus Hetherington, 10th grade

Audrey Kimmi, eighth grade

Hannah Lawrence, ninth grade

Cloe Lee, seventh grade

Aiden Lott, seventh grade

Keegan Lott, eighth grade

Natasha Marsh, ninth grade

Hailey McConnaughey, 12th grade

Luke Miller, 12th grade

Lane Mullins, eighth grade

Trystin Myers, 10th grade

Natalie Navinskey, seventh grade

Daisey Norris, 11th grade

Karlie Parnell, 12th grade

Megan Pitts, ninth grade

Samantha Post, 10th grade

Kassandra Reynolds, eighth grade

Cerenity Rogers, seventh grade

Hailey Rush, ninth grade

Augie Scholz, 12th grade

Mason Scholz, eighth grade

Piper Schuh, seventh grade

Emme Smith, seventh grade

Tate Smith, 12th grade

Skyla Stanley, ninth grade

Sunnie Stanley, 12th grade

Arianna Taylor, ninth grade

Kayla Vessar, 12th grade

Rena Vessar, seventh grade

Bailey Wilson, ninth grade

Matthew Worley, seventh grade


Madison Appel, 11th grade

Jodi Banks, ninth grade

Caleb Barnes, 10th grade

Trenton Beagle, ninth grade

Sara Bergman, seventh grade

Tyler Bichsel, seventh grade

Allison Bilderback, eighth grade

Shawn Boos, 11th grade

Philip Boyce, 11th grade

Cheyenne Brown, 10th grade

Brayden Brull, 10th grade

Talen Burge, 11th grade

Evan Caudle, 10th grade

Lacey Christie, 12th grade

Dekoda Clem, 10th grade

Kelcei Clem, eighth grade

Ty Crossland, seventh grade

Wyatt Doty, 12th grade

Ryan Dunn, 10th grade

Ty Ellerman, 12th grade

Matthew Flint, ninth grade

Haedon Forbes, seventh grade

MaKaea Forbes, 11th grade

Nathan Gerardy, 12th grade

Noah Gregory, 10th grade

Ryan Hanshaw, 12th grade

Mason Hawk, ninth grade

Keaton Henning, seventh grade

Gale Hewitt, eighth grade

Kevin Hobbs, eighth grade

Mason Johnson, 12th grade

Ryan Keith, eighth grade

Trenton Kimmi, seventh grade

Logan Kramer, 11th grade

Wyatt Kramer, eighth grade

Curtis Larrison, eighth grade

Krystal Lassen, 12th grade

Triston Lawrence, 12th grade

Bricen Lee, seventh grade

Raymond Martin, 12th grade

James McDermed, 11th grade

Taylinn Merkle, seventh grade

Charlie Miller, ninth grade

Hope Moorshead, 12th grade

Dylan Mullins, seventh grade

Coltin Myers, seventh grade

Kaleb Myers, eighth grade

Seth Nehl, ninth grade

Joel Ralston, ninth grade

September Reynolds, 10th grade

Aaron Ricketts, eighth grade

Evan Ricketts, 11th grade

Benjamin Rush, seventh grade

Kailea Sandlin, seventh grade

Colton Scholz, 10th grade

Shelby Scholz, 10th grade

Allison Schuele, 12th grade

Dillon Servaes, 11th grade

Liliane Smith, eighth grade

Trace Swendson, eighth grade

Canyon Tull, seventh grade

Angel Tuttle, eighth grade

Christina Walker, eighth grade

If you know of a student who has been left out, please call ACCJSHS at 913-833-2240.

Atchison Globe staff can be reached at 913-367-0583.

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