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Missouri Western and other colleges are planning on ending face-to-face classes by Thanksgiving for the fall semester in respone to COVID-19.

COVID-19 continues to sweep the nation, altering our day-to-day lives. This includes what colleges are planning for their fall semester. With experts still worried of a second outbreak of the virus, most colleges are concluding all face-to-face classes by Thanksgiving. Most colleges will use online learning for the remainder of the semester, while other colleges have already moved their entire curriculum to online for the fall. Here is a list of colleges in the area and their plans for the 2020 fall semester.

Missouri Western

The fall semester will begin on Monday, August 17 and conclude by Thanksgiving. Finals will take place from November 20-25. All students will be off campus by Thanksgiving.

Benedictine College Will begin with staggered series of student move-in days beginning Aug. 8. The first day of classes will be Wednesday, August 19. The on-campus semester will end by the week of Thanksgiving. Finals will take place online the following week.

University of Kansas

Classes to begin on Monday, August 24 and conclude by Thanksgiving. Students will then be given a week to study for finals. Finals will begin the week of December 7 and be held online.

Haskell Indian Nations University Students will not return to campus for the fall semester. Classes will be fully online for the fall semester, which is in accordance with the Bureau of Indian Education.

Kansas State University The fall semester will begin Monday, August 17, with the last day of classes will being Friday, December 4. Finals week will be from December 7-11. The last day for in-person on-campus instruction will be right before Thanksgiving break. Following the break, the last two weeks of the semester, including final exams, will be completed using distance methods.

Washburn Classes will begin face-to-face on Monday, August 17 and conclude on November 20. Classes will shift to online up to December 4. Finals will be held online the following week.

Northwest Missouri The fall semester will begin as scheduled on Wednesday, August 19 and will end by Thanksgiving. All finals will be held online the following week.

Highland Community College

According to their Highland’s schedule on their website, they are still planning for classes to begin on Monday, August 24 and for finals week to take place during the week of December 14.

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