Business Technology students from Highland Community College Technical Center participated in the Virtual Business Professionals of America National Leadership Conference, “Envision, Empower, Ignite” from April 26 to May 8.

HCCTC Chapter members who participated were Ciera Bass (Atchison), Adrian Bata (Atchison), Delaney Bata (Atchison), Aubrey Grippin (Atchison), Faith Hutchens (Easton), Emily Linck (Atchison), Jenna Slapper (Leavenworth), Aniyah Thompson (Atchison) and Carrie Miller, advisor/business instructor.

Post-secondary conference delegates from across the nation participated in national-level business skills competitions, workshops, certifications, general sessions and the national officer candidate campaigns and elections.

Students tested their knowledge in different business- and technology-related areas. Student placings included:

Administrative Support Team, fourth (Grippin, Hutchens, Linck, Slapper).

Basic Office Systems and Procedures, first (Slapper).

Fundamental Desktop Publishing, first (Bass).

Fundamental Word Processing, fourth (Slapper).

Intermediate Word Processing, fourth (Linck).

Integrated Office Applications eighth (Thompson).

The Open Event Awards included:

Top Videos

Business Meeting Management 10th (Bata).

Project Management, ninth (Hutchens).

In partnership with precision exams, students earned multiple certifications across a wide variety of business, media and technology topics:

Business Office Specialist: Slapper, Grippin and Bass.

21st Century Business Skills: Hutchens, Grippin and Bass.

Word Processing: Slapper, Grippin and Bass.

Business Communications: Grippin and Bass.

Leadership Principles: Bass.

Banking and Finance: Slapper and Hutchens.

Business Professionals of America is an innovator in Career and Technical Education, providing members with opportunities for growth through education, competition, community service and personal development. With 45,000 members in more than 1,800 chapters across 25 states and Puerto Rico, BPA is a co-curricular organization that supports business and information technology educators by offering co-curricular exercises based on national standards.

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