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From the Highland location is (l-r) Shawn Boos of Lancaster -“Maximizing Hay Tonnage with Precision Agriculture” Certificate and Caleb Pilcher of Hiawatha -“Proper Depths to Test for Nitrogen” Certificate.

As the 2020 spring semester comes to a close, Highland Community College Precision Agriculture graduating students wrapped up the year by presenting their capstone projects.

Instructor Darcie Gallagher said the capstone projects are a portion of the curriculum taught in the last semester and focuses on a student’s ability to apply their skills and knowledge gained throughout the program with on-farm research. Evaluation of projects are broken down into two parts; a written essay and formal presentation to a panel of judges. Each student had the opportunity to choose their project based on individual interests and experiences. As listed the projects were titled:

Highland location

Shawn Boos (Lancaster)-“Maximizing Hay Tonnage with Precision Agriculture” Certificate

Caleb Pilcher (Hiawatha)-“Proper Depths to Test for Nitrogen” Certificate

Western Center location

Branden Bussman (Frankfort)-“Is a John Deere GS3 System Beneficial to your Operation?” Certificate

Colton Heinen (Seneca)-“Installing an Ag Leader System” Associate in Applied Science

Devin Ronnebaum (Centralia)-“Water Jet Planting” Certificate

Kaleb Slater (Centralia)-“Conventional Tillage Compared to No Tillage on Corn” Certificate

Instructors, Darcie Gallagher and Eric Wright stated they are both extremely proud of the students working through the curriculum this semester. Given that seven weeks of the semester were delivered remotely, the students did an excellent job finishing out the year strong. Enrollment is open for the fall 2020 semester and Darcie and Eric are looking forward to another strong year advancing the program.

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