A 51-year-old Effingham man remained in jail throughout the weekend in connection with a late Saturday night disturbance among acquaintances in Effingham.

Formal charges were pending Monday morning against Brian W. Kuykendoll following his arrest for two counts aggravated assault, battery and criminal damage to property.

Atchison County Sheriff Jack Laurie said it was about 11:50 p.m. April 17 when deputies were called to 316 George St. in Effingham for reports of shots fired. Kuykendoll was arrested as the result of an investigation. Deputies determined prior to shots fired, a verbal argument ensued between Kuykendoll and a female who resides at the same address George Street address. Kuykendoll left the residence, but soon after he returned, Laurie said.

After Kuykendoll returned an altercation ensued between him and another male, Laurie said. After the altercation with the man, Kuykendoll again left the residence. Laurie explained when he returned he went inside the residence. Laurie said it’s alleged that after Kuykendoll returned he went inside and retrieved a rifle and pointed it at two persons as they stood outside the residence. One of the persons was identified as the man as the one with whom Kuykendoll had argued with after the altercation that involved the female, Laurie explained. Both persons fled and went inside their residence.

Allegedly, then Kuykendoll went to the other persons’ residence and attempted to break-in through the backdoor, Laurie said. The man with whom Kuykendoll argued with earlier told him to leave several times, but Kuydendoll refused to. The resident fired a shotgun round that did not strike Kuykendoll, but it did not strike him.

Then Kuykendoll left his neighbors’ residence and returned to his home, Laurie said it was there deputies located him.

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