Phoenix Head

The Phoenix head image will be used in conjunction with the full bodied USD 409 Phoenix mascot.

Phoenix image A is the new mascot to represent the USD 409 Atchison Public Schools.

The Phoenix graphic was announced to Board of Education members and the audience in attendance before adjournment at Monday’s board meeting.

Superintendent Renee Scott said the results of the survey showed favor to Phoenix image A by about 87 percent of the participating stakeholders who responded to the recent survey. Stakeholders included students, staff, alumni and the public at large. The deadline to receive survey responses was noon Monday, Aug. 9, several hours prior to the board meeting.

An image depicting the Phoenix head will also be used at times in conjunction with the full-bodied image.

In other matters, board members reviewed the draft of the USD 409 Safe Return and Continuity of Services 2021-2022, a written document that outlines guidelines the protocols in wake of the coronavirus pandemic that requires all staff, students and visitors to wear masks while indoors on school property and while riding buses, Scott said. Hand hygiene and sanitation practices will be in place as well as contact tracing.

Remote learning is not an option offered the new school year, unless there are some who test positive for COVID-19. Protocols concerning the coronavirus quarantines and symptoms will differ a bit for vaccinated persons and the non-vaccinated. The plan is in accordance with the American Rescue Plan Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services guidelines as revised in July.

Before board members unanimously adopted the plan, Board Member John Eplee, MD recommended the plan be on the monthly meeting agenda to update accordingly.

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Board members recessed from the public meeting to go behind closed doors to discuss matters of non-elected personnel with Board Attorney Larry Mears and Scott. The first session was for 20 minutes. Board members resumed the public meeting to take action, which resulted in a 10-minute extension of the executive session. After the public meeting resumed, board members unanimously took action on the following non-elected personnel matters:

Approved the non-renewal of contracts: Paraeducators – Sarah Nordlund, Atchison High School and Caralynn Servaes, Atchison Middle School; and Helen Reynolds – AHS food service worker.

Accepted resignations from: Sheila Hennigan Atchison Elementary School teacher, Rebecca Cronander, AHS teacher; Jennifer Whyte AHS music; Jim Smith as AHS electives department head; Kevin Rieger AHS assistant band director and AMS instrumental music director; Angie Hildman Special Education supplemental at AHS; Jerry McColley at Central School; paraeducators – Kathy Scott, and Brittany McBride at AES; Orlando Rivera and Emerald Lauts at Central School; Sara Linck, AMS, Rickee Smith, AHS, and Jessica Lamme.

Unanimously approved recommendations for employment: At AES – Sherry Domann as third-grade SPED teacher; Kelli Becker speech paraeducator; Jocelyn Campbell, Jordan Wentz and Shawneekia Mays; at AMS – Paul White, lead band teacher; AHS – Tina Janc and Jeffrey Stuart as English teachers, and Jaleia Rice as a paraeducator.

Approved the following transfers: Michelle Birch from Central School paraeducator to long-term contracted pre-kindergarten substitute teacher; Joni Colwell, AES paraeducator to long-term contracted in-school suspension teacher at AMS; Kevin Rieger for AMS lead band teacher to AHS lead band teacher; Olivia Denton from AMS paraeducator to Central School Edgenuity facilitator.

Approved the supplementals: Central School – Tammy Bush, team leader, and Kelsey Martin as new teacher mentor; AES – Annalese Schelvan and Kirah Lohse, as lunch supervisors, new teacher mentors are Ashley Funk, Gerre Martin, Lauren Benning, Leah Martin, Brad Weaver, Monica Kruse, Erin McKelvy –Patterson, Amy Siebenmorgan and Michelle Wilson. Co-teacher coaches are Ramona Wilson, Tricia Regan and Angie Gray, and SPED Classes Payton Nigus. At AMS – National Board Certified Victoria Grable, New Teacher Mentors are Stephanie Affield, Bridgett Baker, and Elizabeth Howard, co-teacher coaches are Michelle Fosdick and Affield. Jennifer Felvus will serve as the head cross country coach and the sixth-grade lunch supervisor, and Taylor Frunk as the assistant wrestling coach. Julie Underwood and Paul White have supplemental contracts regarding the musical courses and activities at AMS and AHS, and Rieger’s supplementals are AHS-based. Other supplemental positions at AHS are Elective Department Head co-sponsors are Matt Hall and Angie Hildman, Ambassadors co-sponsors are Jodie Stillwill and Julie Ellerman, Leadership Department Head is Toni Anthony, Ed Crouse and Blaine Clardy will serve as social studies co-department heads. CTE Department Head Heather Matthias, SIT Team co-sponsors are Macy Pickman and Clardy, SPED classes Melissa Nigus; Amanda Drury, travel stipend for Board of Education.

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