Blish-Mize Co. is honored to have been the home for three brothers’ life-long careers. Lynn, Gerald, and Galen Banks have worked diligently for the company for a combined 137 years—Lynn with 45 years, Gerald with 46 years and Galen with 46 years. Lynn retired in 2018, Gerald and Galen retire today. We are thrilled to announce that in their honor Atchison County has proclaimed today: The Banks Brother’s Day.

Jonathan Mize, CEO & President of Blish-Mize Co., says this type of longevity is rare in this day and age. “I know we are fortunate to have had these fine men work for us for so many years. These brothers have truly set the bar high when it comes to loyalty.”

Throughout the years, the brothers have held various jobs, including Department Stockers, Order Pickers, Packers, Equipment Operators, and more. “I am excited about my retirement but will miss my Blish-Mize family. I will miss seeing them every day,” said Gerald Banks.

Galen Banks agrees. “I am proud of what Gerald, Lynn and I have done for Blish-Mize. I am looking forward to taking it easy for a while.”

Blish-Mize Co. will celebrate its 150th Anniversary in 2021 and is looking forward to continued employee growth. “We are very proud and excited to be making it to this milestone,” says Mize, “and we know that without employee dedication like the Banks’ Brothers, we wouldn’t have made it.”

Blish-Mize Company is a leading wholesale hardware distributor with an over 450,000 sq. Ft. distribution center, located in the city’s first Industrial Park at 2606 Industry Road, and its corporate offices located downtown Atchison at 223 South 5th Street. With over 140 nationwide employees, Blish-Mize sells and distributes around 60,000 items to over 1,500 customers throughout 13 states in the Midwest, Rockies, and Southwest regions. The company makes all these deliveries on its dedicated equipment and is also a fulfillment center for some of the country’s largest e-commerce sites.

To find out more about Blish-Mize, visit the website @

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