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The local government elections are slated for November, which means potential candidates willing to answer their call to civic duty have until noon Tuesday, June 1 to file their candidacy for office at the Atchison County Clerk’s Office location in the Atchison County Courthouse.

The primary election, if required to narrow the field of candidates for the respective races will be Tuesday, Aug. 3. The general Election Day will Tuesday, Nov. 2. The deadline to withdraw candidacy for office is noon Monday, June 1, at the County Clerk’s Office. The Courthouse is located at 423 North Fifth Street.

There are three open positions for Atchison City Commission. Open are the two four-year terms held by Vice-mayor Allen Reavis, and Commissioner Jesse Greenly – who was appointed in 2020 to fulfill the unexpired term of former Mayor Shawn Rizza. The two-year term Lisa Moody is serving is also up for grabs. Moody was elected in 2019.

To file as a candidate for Atchison City Commission potential candidates at the time of filing are required to pay a $20 filing fee and a $50 report fee, for a total of $70; or one may choose to file by a petition with 50 signatures signed by eligible voters residing within Atchison city limits.

All 3rd Class cities within Atchison County each have positions open. In Effingham, Huron and Muscotah those positions are one mayor and five city council members. The city of Lancaster has three open city council seats. The candidates may file by paying a $20 filing fee or by petition with 25 signatures from registered voters who reside within the respective city.

The unified school districts’ board of education positon are open. There are five school districts within Atchison County. Potential school board candidates are required to pay a $20 filing fee or gather signatures from 50 qualified voters who reside within the school district.

Atchison Public Schools USD 409 has four 4-year term positions open that will expire in January 2022. Board members with the expiring terms are President Carrie Sowers, Rep. John Eplee, MD, Vice-president Diane Liebsch and Sean Crittendon. Because Board Member Brandi Ross was appointed to fulfill the unexpired term left vacated by Dr. Pam Rizza in 2020, her position is also open.

Atchison County Community Schools USD 377 has three open positions: Positions 4, 5, and 6 are currently occupied by President Lori Lanter, Corey Neill and Kelli Bottorff.

Jefferson County North USD 339 has three open positions. These are Positions 4, 5, and 6.

Valley Falls USD 338 has three open positions those of Positions 4, 5, and 6.

USD 430 South Brown County has Positions 4, 5 and 6 open for the upcoming election.

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