A 28-year-old Atchison woman and a 17-year-old juvenile male were taken into custody after a Liberty, Missouri man arrived Saturday for a visit in the 2000 block of Birch Street and was taken to the hospital for injuries inflicted on him in connection from a ball bat, a chair and liquor bottle.

Bailey R. Walker is facing multiple felony counts after formal charges were filed Monday in Atchison County District Court. The complaint against Walker includes one count aggravated battery; aggravated robbery; aggravate assault and criminal threat. Walker is also facing of theft and criminal restraint, both are misdemeanor offenses. Walker remains in the Atchison County Jail, held on a $200,000 bond.

Atchison Police Department authorities took the teenager into custody for aggravated battery and aggravated robbery. The teen was transported to a juvenile detention facility.

Atchison Police Chief Mike Wilson said it was before 6 a.m. Sunday, May 9 when police officers responded to the 21 and Birch streets vicinity for a report of a man outside a residence. Officers located a 28-year-old injured male who was then transported by ambulance to the hospital.

An investigation was launched that led to the Walker and the teen’s arrest.

Police determined the victim arrived about 9 p.m. Saturday to meet a person with whom he’d had communicated with on-line and resides in the 2000 block of Birch Street, Wilson said. Police also determined there were five persons gathered in the Birch Street residence when about 4 a.m. a disturbance occurred. The 28-year-old male was struck over the head with a ball bat; struck over the head and shoulder with a chair and liquor bottle and was threatened with a knife.

Police allege a credit card, an ID card, cash and a cellphone were taken from the victim before he managed to get out and away from the residence. Then the victim went to a nearby neighbor’s residence for help and the police were subsequently called.

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