Santa Claus stopped in Atchison as promised on Monday and stayed long enough to apologize to youngsters about his change in plans due to the COVID-19 pandemic and to light the town for the 2020 Christmas holiday season.

Santa removed his mask long enough to clearly explain the dilemma and the importance of social distancing to stay safe from illness. Santa urged the boys and girls to bring their letters to his house located in the 500 block of the Commercial Street Mall and place them in the dropbox marked Santa’s Mail.

“I will read every one,” Santa promised. Before he let town Santa pulled the switch to brightly light the downtown corridor.

Pre-schoolers from the First Steps Child Care performed a few holiday numbers.

The festive event virtually debuted and is available for public viewing on the Atchison Area Chamber of Commerce Facebook page.

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"The vintage Nativity scene cutouts display in the front window at Backroad Atlas shows what SOME might say is the real meaning of the Christmas season." Really? SOME might say that...? Just a few I'm sure. And, of course those few that say the celebration of Christmas is about the birth of our Lord and Savior - God made man - are misguided holdouts who just don't understand modern, scientific knowledge? Right? Everyone knows Christmas, or preferably The Holiday season, is about the shallowness of mass consumerism and materialism. The very idea of believing Christmas is about Christ! What a dangerous idea. The "press" must work even harder to eliminate those silly superstitions.

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