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Benedictine College recently approved the addition of Mullins Pollinator Meadow located at the intersection of 3rd St and N St and is right next to the Daglen Observatory.

Benedictine College just recently approved the addition of Mullins Pollinator Meadow.

The site of the meadow will be the northeast corner of this one-acre lot which is located at the intersection of 3rd St and N St and is right next to the Daglen Observatory.

In January, Patrick Mullins donated over $100,000 to the Biology Department to support conservation work on native pollinators.

After discussing the current decline of pollinators in North America, both Terry Malloy and Ginger Winder decided to put the donation towards efforts undergraduate research opportunities on pollinators, pollinator habitat restoration and community outreach regarding pollinator ecology.

“This will provide an on-campus research location for our students and an accessible destination location for local schools and community members to learn about pollinator ecology,” Malloy said. “The site’s accessibility would also be a benefit to offcampus groups that choose to visit the Meadow.”

The grasses and forbs on the lot will need to be killed to prepare the site for planting native forbs and grasses. Kirk Thompson, of Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism has advised that spraying of a nonselective herbicide should happen before the first hard freeze. Urban Lawn Care has given an estimate of $150.00 to spray the acre with glyphosate.

“We propose the construction of raised beds in the northwest corner of the lot to hold living specimens,” Malloy said. “Live specimens will be identified by signs and they will serve as reference that people can use as they walk around the Meadow.”

Funds donated by Mullins will also be used to maintain the meadow.

“It will take some time, but this meadow will be beautiful,” Malloy said. “Mowed trails through the meadow will provide access to the vegetation and we think it would be an aesthetic asset to the community.”

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