A jury trial is underway to determine the fate of a local man accused of attempted murder in the second-degree that stemmed from an officer involved shooting in October.

A jury panel comprised of 10 women and two men was selected Tuesday morning in Atchison County District Court.

Bryan C. Boldridge, 45, of Atchison, faces one count of attempted murder, a felony, alleging he fired a weapon at Atchison Officer Darren Kelley on Oct. 31, 2018, near Boldridge’s residence in the 1100 block of North Fourth Street. The incident escalated from a call from utility workers concerning a possible theft of services.

Kelley was the first officer to arrive at the scene. Boldridge arrived soon after and exited his vehicle with a rifle in hand, which he put down as commanded. However, he had a holstered revolver strapped to his hip that was visible.

Boldridge’s court-appointed defense counsel, Chris Scott of Kansas City, cross-examined Kelley during the afternoon. Scott reviewed with Kelley about the standard law enforcement protocol related to potential threatening situations. Kelley testified that he felt more threatened by Boldridge’s gestures than from a somewhat heated verbal exchange between them.

Kelley said he deployed his Taser for a 5-minute cycle toward Boldridge. However, Boldridge’s actions did not seize up, Kelley said, and it appeared to him that Boldridge’s hand moved toward his revolver. Within a matter of a few seconds there was an exchange of gunfire, Kelley said. Boldridge went down to ground level.

Kelley also testified he was unsure how many shots he fired toward Boldridge. Kelley estimated he fired eight shots from his full magazine, but he is unsure because he is unaware of the KBI’s investigative findings immediately after the incident. Kelley said he was on administrative leave for the two weeks that followed the shooting. Kelley escaped injury, but Boldridge suffered injury to his lower extremities.

Atchison Police Cpl. Joshua Sinclair took the stand and testified under oath that he was not at scene, but received a call for assistance from Kelley. Sinclair said he in the Sixth and Division Street vicinity when Kelley called him. Sinclair indicated he detected a higher sense of urgency in Kelley’s voice in comparison to the average calls.

“I flipped on the lights and sirens,” Sinclair said. “I was on the scene within six seconds.”

Boldridge was down and his revolver lay nearby him, Sinclair said. Kelley’s weapon was out, Sinclair said; he proceeded to move the revolver further away, a few feet with his foot, to ensure it would be out of Boldridge’s reach. Sinclair also testified that he stayed with Boldridge and assured him medical help was on the way.

It was noticable Boldridge had suffered wounds. Sinclair said it was after medical responders arrived and tended to Boldridge he then could see additional gunshot wounds. Sinclair accompanied Boldridge in the Atchison County EMS ambulance to Mosaic hospital in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Atchison County Attorney Sherri Becker called APD Detective Carey Stone, retired, to the stand later in the afternoon. Court officials expected the trial would likely continue throughout most Wednesday.

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