NEK shot of HOPE

NEK shot of HOPE

The NEK shot of HOPE collaborative continues to offer vaccination clinics throughout North East Kansas as the supply of vaccines become available for all ages 16 and older.

Information about the vaccine and/or appointments is available at or call the Hotline at 913-308-2415, or Atchison County Health Department at 367-5152.

Appointments to receive a vaccine are made according to the supplies on hand. There were 500 doses available for a vaccination clinic between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Thursday, April 8 at the Sophia Center, located on the Mount St. Scholastica campus in Atchison. The Sophia Center is located south along U.S. Highway 73, turn left at Spring Street (near the Dairy Queen) then turn right onto Mount property. Follow signs to the Sophia Center. Residents of Atchison, Brown, Leavenworth, Doniphan and Jefferson counties may register for the Sophia Center clinics.

Director Wesley Lanter, Atchison County Emergency Management, announced about 4,000 Atchison County citizens have been vaccinated through the NEK shot of Hope clinics. Currently the clinics have reached the Phase 5 of the Kansas Vaccination Phase.

Director Lori Forge RN, of Atchison County Health Department said the vaccines are available to all persons 16 and older who reside in Kansas. Persons aged 16 and younger must receive the Pfiser vaccine. All others 18 years of age and older are age-approved to receive the Moderna and the Johnson & Johnson vaccines, Forge said.

The recommendations concerning mask wearing, social distancing and hand hygiene at these clinics are to follow the Center for Disease Control and Kansas Health Department and Environment guidelines, Lanter said.

Currently there are 15 active COVID-19 cases of persons positively infected with the coronavirus, Lanter said. One COVID-15 patient is currently hospitalized.

The NEK Shot of Hope clinics will continue until further notice as vaccine supplies become available.

As of Tuesday, April 7 there have been 1,573 positive cases of COVD-19 since early spring of 2020 that have been tracked in Atchison, according to the KDHE website.

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