An Atchison woman has more than 11 years to serve in state prison after her latest sentence was handed down Monday in district court in connection with crimes committed within less than a yearlong time frame.

Bailey Walker was ordered to serve 71 months for her conviction related to aggravated battery, aggravated assault, criminal threat, criminal restraint, and theft as filed informal complaint 2021CR72 filed against her in early May.

The sentence heard Nov. 29 is to run consecutive to the 70 months Walker was ordered to serve on June 7 in Atchison County District Court for a conviction of possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute and aggravated endangerment of a child that arose from a search warrant executed Dec. 30, 2020. Walker’s meth case, 20200CR226 was also filed in Atchison County District Court.

Walker’s most recent conviction relates to a May 9 incident when Atchison Police Department authorities responded to a call from a male victim who was reportedly bleeding from injuries he suffered at Bailey’s residence.

Atchison County Attorney Sherri Becker wrote in an email to the Globe that the victim indicated to police he met Bailey via an online app and agreed to meet at her residence in Atchison where they partied with some others during the night. The party took a violent turn, the victim said some persons were present and Walker “jumped him” The victim stated to police he was struck with a baseball bat and that Bailey stabbed him with a knife. The victim also stated the individuals present wanted him to turn his money over via Cash App. The victim managed to escape the residence and search for help, Becker wrote.

After police responded to the area and located the victim they determined he had many abrasions and contusions as well as a dislocated finger, and sought medical attention at Amberwell Atchison. Police obtained a search warrant and executed it at Walker’s residence that resulting in Walker’s arrest and that of a 17-year-old juvenile. Becker said police collected evidence that included pieces of a pink baseball bat and a knife with its tip broken off.

Becker reported the juvenile who was arrested was adjudicated in accordance with the juvenile code and received a 12-month sentence to serve in juvenile detention with an underlying adult sentence of 57 months to serve if the juvenile fails to successfully complete probation following release from juvenile detention.

Bailey’s convictions stemmed from criminal activities that occurred at her residence in 2000 of Birch Street, according to. When the crime of violence occurred Bailey was out of jail on bond for the meth and child endangerment case. Walker was 28 years old when the crimes were committed.

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