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County Chief Election Officer Michelle Phillips and Atchison County Counselor Patrick Henderson will present the 2019 ballots to in the Atchison County Commission room.

The official outcome of the recent local elections will come later in November.

Atchison County Commission members will next convene Monday afternoon, Nov. 18, in the commission room located along the first floor of the courthouse. Commissioners expect to convene at 1:15 p.m. to review vote ballots as collected from the recent local cities and school boards’ election.

Atchison County Clerk Michelle Phillips, serving as the county’s chief election officer, will present the ballots, and County Counselor Patrick Henderson will make recommendations concerning challenged, provisional ballots and receipt of advanced and mailed ballots pending official certification of the election results.

The canvass is currently required to take place within 13 days working days after an election, Phillips said. A new law that went in effect this year prohibits the canvass from taking place until after an audit of ballots from one of the precincts and its verification from the Kansas Secretary of State’s Office.

Phillips said she will post the notification about when the audit will take place on the county’s website at To access this information, scroll down to News, Links & Announcements Atchison and go over to county news.

After the polls closed on Election Day, Nov. 5, the preliminary ballot count for candidate Lisa Moody showed a four-vote lead over incumbent Charlie Perdue for a two-year term on the Atchison City Commission. Thus, the pending count of eligible provisional and mailed ballots will likely determine the winner.

In the event of a tie, both candidates will receive notification, Phillips said. Then at a specified time and date, canvassers will choose a statutorily acceptable method to break the tie by means of chance or lot, like pulling a name out of a hat, drawing straws, or a coin toss, to determine the winner.

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