Due to Fall Break and other scheduling conflicts, Benedictine College’s “Spooky Science Fun Bash” for children returns to Atchison a little earlier than usual, now set for Friday, October 11, from 7 to 9 p.m. on all floors of Westerman Hall, the freshly renovated science and engineering building.

Students and faculty from the Departments of Biology, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Engineering, Math & Computer Science, Nursing, Physics & Astronomy and Psychology are offering this free event to bring some fun science displays to area youth. There is also plenty of free parking in the main lot on top of the bluff.

There will be numerous displays and demonstrations in the hallways, classrooms and labs of Westerman Hall, including things like the Ghost of Einstein, non-Newtonian fluids and much more. The evening also includes face painting, mask making, a skeletons and skulls matching game, beanbag zombies and plenty of popcorn, cupcakes and candy. Please keep in mind that an adult must accompany all minors at all times.

Dr. Terry Malloy, chair of the Biology Department, explained that the Ghost of Einstein is a concave mask of the late scientist that appears to be 3-D and turns to follow the viewer’s movement. The non-Newtonian fluid demonstration shows how a fluid can disregard Newton’s Law of Viscosity and act more like a solid. Common non-Newtonian fluids are toothpaste, yogurt and ketchup.

“This is a lot of fun, but the goal is to stimulate curiosity and promote science in the broader Atchison community,” said Malloy. “Plus, we just completed the renovation and expansion of Westerman Hall and we want the community to see all the new labs, workshops and classroom facilities.”

Here are some of the Spooky Science displays and activities that will be available:

  • The Ghost of Einstein (is he watching you?)
  • Jacob’s Ladder (lightning on a wire)
  • Carnivorous Plants (Venus Fly Trap, beanbag toss)
  • Live Animals (snakes, mudpuppies, bearded dragons, tortoises)
  • Skeletons and Skulls (matching game)
  • Preserved Oddities (two-headed snake, two-headed pig)
  • Mystery Box (put your hand inside and guess what organ is in the box)
  • Face Painting, Mask Making
  • Popcorn, Worms in Dirt, Witch’s Brew
  • Rubin’s Tube (tunes with a flare)
  • The science of fear (what will you do when the creatures come for you?)
  • Coriolis ball toss
  • Non-Newtonian fluid (is it a fluid, or a solid?)
  • Games of strategy (who will walk away with the most candy?)

For more information, call 913-360-7415. 

Steve Johnson, Benedictine College director of marketing & communications, can reached via stevej@benedictine.edu.

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