A search is ongoing for a previously convicted violent felon who authorities say shot a man twice amid an argument at early Sunday morning gathering near the site of a local festival.

Kevin V. Maxey Jr., 31, of Atchison remained at large as of Tuesday evening following a raid of his home on Sunday evening by the Atchison Police Department Special Response Team, a tactical unit. Police didn’t find him there, Police Chief Mike Wilson said.

“If anyone has seen him or knows where he can be found, please call ... 913-367-4323,” Wilson said. “You do not have to give your name.”

Wilson said officers and detectives have worked around the clock on the case since first responders went at 3 a.m. Sunday to the aid of a 42-year-old Atchison man in the 1100 block of North Eighth Street, immediately west of LFM Park.

They found the victim to be suffering from two gunshots, the cause of life-threatening injuries, and transported him to Mosaic Life Care hospital in St. Joseph, Missouri, where the victim remained as of Monday. No up-to-date information on the victim’s condition has been released, but Wilson said on Sunday that he had improved based on interactions with APD detectives, who visited him on Sunday at the hospital.

Throughout the previous Saturday, June 8, hundreds of revelers gathered at LFM Park to celebrate the 14th Annual Atchison Juneteenth (African American Freedom Day) event. However, a Juneteenth festival organizer said, events for Saturday had wrapped up by the time of the shooting, and that she believes the shooting isn’t related to Juneteenth.

“Our hearts go out to the victim and to (his) family,” said Nicole Thomas, chairwoman of the Atchsion Juneteenth Committee. “We are keeping them in our prayers.”

A series of events previously scheduled for Sunday occurred as normal at LFM Park to conclude the festival.

It’s not clear how many people remained in the area of LFM Park into the late Saturday and early Sunday morning hours; Wilson said about 20 people had been gathered in the area of the crime scene. An argument at that location, mainly between two people, occurred before the firing of shots, which hit the victim, who had simply been in the area and isn’t believed to have had a role in the argument, Wilson said.

Wilson said authorities are interviewing witnesses, gathering evidence and conducting other investigative tasks. This ultimately led them to obtain an arrest warrant for Maxey, Wilson said.

Maxey has spent many of his days behind bars in one location or another since October 2007, following conviction for an Atchison aggravated robbery; upon his first release in 2008, a June 2010 attempted aggravated battery incident in Leavenworth County, Kansas, returned him to prison in May 2011. He encountered more criminal trouble in 2012, before his eventual December 2017 release from state custody.

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