The books are open for persons who will be 18 years of age or older on the general Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 5 for the local school board and city elections.

The registration books will continue to remain open from now until the end of the day on Tuesday, Oct. 15. Sick, disabled voters who will absent or unable to make it to their respective poll in time to cast their vote in person can request an advance mail-out ballot by the Tuesday, Oct. 29 deadline. For more information contact the Atchison County Clerk’s Office at 913-804-6030.

Atchison County Clerk Michelle Phillips said this year, the voters will have a constitutional amendment to ponder before they mark select their preference on the ballot. The explanatory statement on the sample ballot offers some insight to potential voters.

The purpose of the amendment is to eliminate the adjustment census taken by the United State census bureau concerning nonresident military personnel and students when it relates to reapportionment of Kansas Senate and the Kansas House of Representatives.

A vote in favor will eliminate the adjustments of census taken as it relates to nonresident military personnel and students during reapportionments.

A vote against in effect continues the requirement for adjustment of the census taken by the census bureau concerning the nonresident military personnel and nonresident students when reapportioning the Kansas senate house of representatives.

Since its regular session in 1992 and every 10th year, state lawmakers have has had authority to reapportion its districts based on the state’s population as established by the most recent census taken and published in the U.S. census bureau. Bills reapportioning legislative districts shall be published in the Kansas register immediately after final passage and be effective for the next election of lawmakers and thereafter until it’s subsequently reapportioned.

Within 15 days after publication of the reapportioning acts, the attorney general within a specified time, shall petition the Kansas Supreme Court within 30 days shall enter its judgement on the validity of the reapportionment. If the high court renders a finding that it is invalid, then lawmakers shall enact a reapportionment statue conforming to the judgement within 15 days. The process is subject to repeat itself until the districts are reapportioned in accordance with the amendment.

The outcomes of the local government races will become known within hours after the polls close on Nov. 5.

The races includes multiple positions on Atchison City Council, five city council and one mayoral position of each of the third class cities of Effingham, Huron and Muscotah. Lancaster terms are slightly varied. There are six persons vying for seats at the helm of USD 409 Board of Education to serve Atchison Public Schools.

Four persons are hopeful to obtain a seat at the USD 377 table to lead Atchison County Community Schools.

In addition to USD 377 and USD 409, there are five additional districts that voters in Atchison County will a say concerning the leadership, bond and other ballot questions. The school districts are:

USD 335, Jackson Heights, Holton.

USD 338 Valley Falls, mostly based in Jefferson County, located in a southwest portion of Atchison County near Effingham.

USD 339 Jefferson County North, mostly comprising Nortonville and Winchester communities.

USD 430, South Brown County Schools serving the Horton area.

USD 449 Pleasant Ridge, located in the Easton community and along the Atchison and Leavenworth County line.

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