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A local nurse was convicted Friday of endangerment, unlawful administration of a controlled substance and battery in Leavenworth County District Court.

A local nurse recently pleaded no contest to administering a rehabilitation center resident an over-the-counter medication without authorization on one occurrence within the past three years.

Jennifer Lynn Reavis, 37, of Atchison, was convicted Friday, Sept. 17 in Leavenworth County District Court for endangerment, unlawful administration of a controlled substance, both Class A misdemeanors and battery, a Class B misdemeanor. A sentencing hearing for Reavis is not yet on the schedule in the court calendar. Reavis pleaded no contest to the third amended complaint since initial charges that included felonies were filed.

In May 2019, administrators with Twin Oaks Rehab Center in Lansing contacted police after discovering that a patient had been receiving incorrect evening medications which included Ativan and Benadryl according to a Kansas City Star report.

Reavis was later identified by authorities as the nurse giving out the extra medicine, an act described with photos and text messages.

According to the Star’s report indicating it was based on a press release issued from Leavenworth County Attorney Todd Thompson’s Office regarding a text message to the oncoming night nurse alleging Reavis had sent a photograph of the victim slumped over and sleeping in a wheelchair.

“Your (sic) welcome! I hope she is asleep most of the day tomorrow,” the text message said. “Hint hint.”

The victim suffers from dementia and the medication caused her to become lethargic and be hospitalized, prosecutors say, according to the Star.

In an interview with Lansing police, Reavis admitted to giving the medicine to the woman, saying she frequently displayed “exit-seeking” behavior — meaning she tried to wander away from the nursing home, the Star reported.

Reavis’ Defense Counsel Andrew Werring communicated via email to the Atchison Globe, the evidence presented at a preliminary hearing was that his client gave the resident a single 25 mg Benadryl tablet in addition to the prescribed medication. Reavis mistakenly believed there was a “standing order” authorizing her to do so because the resident had complained of “itchiness and other symptoms similar to an allergic reaction,” Werring said.

“Although my client regrets the text message and photograph that were sent, Werring said, “she continues to maintain that she had no criminal intent or desire to see any harm come to the patient.”

The Globe reached out to the Leavenworth County Prosecutor’s Office requesting a press release concerning the matter but has not yet received a response.

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