The Atchison County Solid Waste Transfer Station and Landfill Site No. 1 along Neosho Road will be closed for three days in June to accommodate some demolition and re-installation of some equipment.

The facility will be closed Thursday, June 24, Friday, June 25 and Saturday, June 26 to allow the St. Joseph, Missouri –based P1 Group to remove the dilapidated hopper and repair the concrete floor. Then the P1 workers will fabricate a new hopper and install it.

It is time to take out the old and put in the new, said Solid Waste Manager Staci Waggle. The transfer station was built in 1994 and the current hopper and chute are original to the building. Since 1994 the hopper and chute have been twice repaired and modified. The steel plates are worn out and the concrete it is attached to have deteriorated over time and use.

“Now is the time to get a new one,” Waggle said.

Throughout the closure at the Atchison facility the public can take their residential trash to the county’s site at Effingham.

Atchison County Commission members unanimously accepted the $37, 375 bid from P1 during their business meeting Tuesday, June 8.

Funding for the new hopper and installation is generated from a portion of revenue generated countywide sales tax that voters approved in 1993 to fund solid waste and joint communications.

Waggle described the hopper as the equipment that trash brought to the transfer station passes through from floor into the trailer trucks before the loads are hauled out of the facility.

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