MGP and other local distilleries continue to help with the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the ongoing spread of COVID-19 in the United States, local distilleries are doing their part in order to combat the virus.

High Plains Distillery has been working on a generic brand disinfectant after being contacted to do so by different groups more than a week ago. Owner Seth Fox says this won’t be open to the general public, but it will be shipped to hospitals, hospices and sheriff departments. Fox also says he doesn’t know what other larger groups are doing, but despite his distillery’s size, High Plains is doing what is necessary of them.

“We’re a smaller group, a small distillery just like most,” Fox said. “We’re doing what we can as far as getting products out. I’m curious what the big guys are doing. We’re not a pharmaceutical manufacturer, so we don’t have the standard sizes available. We only have standard and alcohol production.”

MGP also continues to help with providing alcohol needed to anyone around the nation wide.

“MGP’s focus remains on producing industrial alcohol used by manufacturers of hospital-grade hand sanitizers and disinfectants,” Public Relations & Content Manager Jenell Wallace Loschke said. “This allows us to greatly impact the available supply and indirectly help hand sanitizer reach a greater number of people nationwide.”

Loschke said MGP has specifically produced some sanitizer for local use in Atchison.

“We have produced a very small amount of hand sanitizer to support needs in our local communities.,” Loschke said. “Priority recipients are first responders and medical professionals. If available, any remaining hand sanitizer will also be provided to organizations that serve children and the elderly.”

Despite not being able to reach out to everyone right now, Fox said his branch is doing what is possible to help everyone to fight off the virus.

“I just want to make sure we don’t get any departments that are hoarding more than they might need,” Fox said. “There are some people that are forgotten about. We’re going help where we’re needed and also do what we can.”

During the week that High Plains has been working on this generic disinfectant, the United States has passed China and Italy with over 93,000 cases and growing.

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