Jesse Greenly sworn in as a new Atchison City Commissioner by City Clerk Frances Zuzolo Monday evening at the Commission Chambers of City Hall.

Jesse Greenly has been a well known figure head in the Atchison community for many years and was appointed as the newest City Commissioner Monday night.

Out of the four applicants, Greenly was unanimously voted to the position by the four other commission members.

“I just want to say this is an honor to be chosen to serve as a commissioner for the City of Atchison,” Greenly said.

Greenly is rather new to being part of the local and city government spotlight, but plans on absorbing and learning as much as he can from everyone he’ll be working with.

“I’m not experienced in the area of city or local government but I want to be like a sponge and soak everything up that I can,” Greenly said. “Hopefully while I’m in this seat I can make some positive contributions.”

He also added that he won’t shy away from conveying his thoughts or worries in the Atchison community.

“You’ll find out that I’m really not bashful when it comes to expressing my concerns regarding things that are going on in the city or local government,” Greenly said. “I look forward to working with everyone.”

Vice Mayor Allen Reavis was selected to serve as mayor moving forward, with Commissioner Abby Bartlett chosen as vice mayor.

Greenly’s term will run through most of 2021, when there will be a new round of elections with the winners seated in Dec. 2021.

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