Sam Brownback, a former governor and U.S. senator from Kansas who also served in the Trump administration, was the speaker at a Rotary club meeting in Atchison on Thursday.

Former Kansas governor and U.S. senator Sam Brownback was the speaker Thursday at a meeting of the Atchison Rotary club.

Brownback, who served as ambassador for International Religious Freedom in the Trump administration, opened with the sobering statement that there is more persecution in the world today than ever before and gave his opinion on the situation that unfolded in Afghanistan in late August.

“That was the worst thing the United States could have done in leaving Afghanistan the way the Biden administration did,” Brownback said. “Afghanistan is one of the worst places for religious freedom.”

Brownback went on to speak about China, which he characterized as an atheist regimen that believes it should rule the world. He said many countries lean towards China because its government provides help to those that follow its beliefs and don’t ask questions. In contrast, the United States asks many questions and the forward motion gets stalled and nothing gets accomplished, he said.

He also discussed the amount of surveillance the Chinese government has on its people. In western China, he said, the government is not only using surveillance but also is experimenting with digitized currency. The system is completely without paper or credit-card types of currency.

Brownback paused and then said that all is not lost. The fastest-growing Christian church in the world is in China, he said.

He also offered some advice on how Americans should view their country.

“We need to stop self-loathing,” Brownback said. “We are a great country and much better than China. One way of going forward is to get back to the basics on human rights.”

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Go away Brownhole Your sun shining experiment didn't work out and the state is worse off. Afgans don't need your religion. STFU and go away

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