A local probationer is currently back in jail following his arrest within recent days on a felony warrant alleging threats on of a violent nature, though he was convicted of aggravated assault less than six months earlier.

Jace M. Crail, 18, is facing one count criminal threat after he uttered his intent to harm some of his extended relatives in Huron. The allegation against Crail stemmed from an incident a 34-year-old female reported to Atchison County Sheriff’s authorities late afternoon on May 8.

The victim alleged Crail made a threatening statement to her and her two children, Sheriff Jack Laurie said. A warrant was subsequently issued. Crail was arrested after deputies spotted him May 31 in the 100 block of South Eighth St. After a short foot pursuit, Crail was apprehended near Eighth Street and Kansas Avenue and was transported to Atchison County Jail, where he remained confined on Tuesday evening, pending fulfillment of a $10,000 bond agreement.

Crail heard the formal charge announced Monday in Atchison County District Court. Atchison-based attorney Rex Lane was appointed to serve as defense counsel for Crail, who became aware he is facing probation violations in connection with his January conviction. All matters were continued to the 9 a.m. criminal docket Friday, June 14, in district court.

Crail is serving felony probation for a felony aggravated assault he pleaded guilty to on Jan. 11 in district court. The conviction arose from a Thanksgiving evening incident on Nov. 22 in an alley located in the 700 block of Santa Fe Street after Crail jumped out with a knife in hand and a approached a young man. Then he proceeded to strike the man’s vehicle with the knife.

The crime carries an underlying prison sentence that was suspended to probation monitored by Atchison County Communication officers.

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