Brian Spilman, Jr. recently hears orders to serve a 32-month prison sentence for involuntary manslaughter arising from his involvement with a deadly altercation in Doniphan.

An Atchison man was recently ordered to serve more than two years in state prison in connection with the 2019 death of Jason Pantle.

Brian Spilman, Jr., 24, convicted of involuntary manslaughter, a Level 5 felony offense, was sentenced Nov. 3 in Doniphan County District Court to 32 months with the eligibility 4.8 months of good time credit toward a possible early release. Spilman was also ordered to serve 24 months of post-release supervision.

Spilman is one three suspects were arrested and identically charged for the demise of the 42-year-old Pantle who was severely beaten Sept. 22, 2019 while at a party at the old town-site of Doniphan. At the time of his death, Pantle resided at Cummings.

Matthew “Cole” Scherer, and Scott Vandeloo, 46, also Atchison residents at the time were arrested and charged in connection with the incident. Spilman was convicted as the result of a jury trial in September.

Vandeloo is the second suspect convicted after he waived his right to the scheduled jury trial in October and pleaded no contest to involuntary manslaughter, a felony offense. Vandeloo is scheduled for sentencing Wednesday, Dec. 8 in Doniphan County District Court.

Scherer facing one count of second-degree murder, and is awaiting a trial date scheduled for Monday, March 28 in Doniphan County District Court.

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