Henry W. Pohl

Incumbent Henry W. Pohl

The following is a question-and-answer session with Incumbent 3rd District County Commission Candidate Henry W. Pohl, a Republican, seeking his third term to the office. Pohl and challenger Candidate Casey Quinn, a Republican, the two candidates are vying in the Primary Election for their party’s nod. The winner will face off against Candidate Duane Boldridge, a Democrat in the Nov. 3 general election. Center, Mt. Pleasant and Walnut townships and a portion of the city of Atchison comprised the 3rd Commission District.

Q. What are your thoughts on unified government say like in comparison to Wyandotte County?

A. When voters elect their county commissioners they have a direct line to that commissioner. I know this, I have taken calls from my voters any time of day or night. Our system has worked well. We do not want a county manager that creates another bureaucracy.

Q. What serves the best interest of the greater good, decisions made to benefit public safety/health or economics/business?

A. Safety has to be the number one consideration whether in infrastructure, disease threats, or protection from criminal elements. While at the same time common sense has to prevail, we cannot afford for people to lose their jobs or businesses.

Q. Other than the first two questions, what do you feel are the top priorities for the county?

A. Without a doubt solving the sales tax issue. Nothing has divided us more and held us back as other counties have grown. This issue will get my full attention.

Q. What are your recommendations concerning the countywide 1 cent sales tax voters approved in 1993 to fund solid waste and joint communications?

A. Solving the sales tax issue is my main reason for running. Attempts have been made to resolve, with no resolution. Today many residents are paying twice. Once at the point of sale and again when the tipping fee is passed on to the trash provider. This would secure the intent of the county vote.

Q. What do you feel are the responsibilities of the county commission?

A. I have always run on Safety, Service, and Savings, where it can be found.

Keeping our employees educated, and informed is how we implement this. By listening to everyone, as opposed to establishment minded types, so everyone feels equal.

Q. What is your vision to improve the quality of life in Atchison County?

A. Using county incentives that encourage residents and businesses to improve their lifestyle without allowing regulations to get too burdensome.

Q. What motivates you to seek this position?

A. I have a record that has provided a stable environment for our county over the last 8 years. I am motivated to meet the challenges to meet our county's needs, over it's wants in out financially uncertain times. But always the firm handshakes and thank yous that I have received from people over the years, is my greatest motivation to serve Atchison County another four years.

Q. What are your experiences that you would consider to be an asset to county leadership?

A. I have served eight years and I have an understanding of the issues at hand. Atchison County Fair Board and the Rural Electric Coop Board. I was born and raised in Atchison county and have children and grandchildren in the area, so I have a vested interest in making Atchison County the best place to live.  

Globe note: Commissioner Pohl is a resident of Walnut Township.

Mary Meyers can be reached via mary.meyers@atchisonglobenow.com. Follow her on Twitter:@MARYMEYERSglobe

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