A local man was handed some time in prison on Friday in district court despite his claim he was distraught over loved ones going through withdrawal from meth at the time of his conviction.

Thirty-year-old Blaine M. Walker of Atchison was sentenced to 20 months imprisonment for possession of methamphetamine due a presumptive prison ruling because of two previous drug convictions, one being as recent as 2018. District Court Judge Robert Bednar ordered the prison time after a hearing testimony concerning his request to withdraw his plea entered about a month earlier that led to his conviction.

The new sentence is to run consecutive to any time that might be left related to the felony 2018 case involving meth. Walker is eligible for 20 percent good time credit and 12 months of post-release supervision.

Before Walker heard his fate Atchison County Attorney Sherri Becker questioned him. Walker testified it was about the time he pleaded guilty on Jan. 17, when he had just heard news that his brother suffered a gunshot wound, his sister suffered an epileptic seizure, and both of his grandparents were seriously ailing.

Walker also told the court he was not in a sound mind because he was in a state of withdrawal from the meth, and the jail staff would not allow him to take medication to treat his symptoms. Becker asked Walker if he was aware he has 16 prior convictions that include two related to drugs and one for meth. She also reminded him he was asked if he understood the term of his plea, and that at no time did he say he did not understand.

Bednar ruled the motion did not meet the standard to withdraw his plea, and he proceeded on with sentencing.

Walker’s most recent conviction stemmed from his Dec. 23, 2019, arrest in the 1400 block of Atchison Street for outstanding warrants from Atchison Municipal and district court while he was serving felony probation for possession of meth.

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