Two men Des Moines, Iowa men have landed themselves jail stays and felony charges alleging they brought an underage runaway girl with them to town late last week.

Johnathan C. McClain, 20, and Nicholas S. Jackson, 21, are each facing identical charges that include contributing to a child’s misconduct by sheltering or concealing a runaway and interference with law enforcement officers for falsely reporting information while intending to obstruct a law enforcement investigation.

Mclain and Jackson had initially waived their rights to an attorney earlier in the week, but indicated Friday in Atchison County District Court their desire for court appointed counsel. The duo each held on respective $10,000 bond amounts are scheduled for a return to court for the 9 a.m. docket on Friday, Nov. 22.

Police took McClain and Jackson into custody on Saturday, Nov. 8 in the North Terrace vicinity after they observed an unoccupied parked vehicle along the Riverfront area along River Road.

Atchison Police Chief Mike Wilson said the car matched the description of the one described by callers earlier in the week about “a suspicious vehicle” seen at area parks.

While police investigated the parked vehicle along River Road the officers observed an adolescent female flee west from near car parked in the Riverfront area, Wilson said. Police located her as she hid amid the trees on North Terrace. An investigation ensued, and officers determined the girl to be a 15-year-old runaway from Des Moines who had reportedly left Iowa on Nov. 14 in the company of Mclain and Jackson.

Both men were arrested and taken to jail after they denied they knew the runaway girl and that they allegedly played a part in an attempt to conceal her whereabouts. As the investigation unfolded police learned the teen persuaded the men to bring her to Atchison in effort for her to stay with an acquaintance here.

The girl was placed in temporary care pending her return to Iowa, Wilson said.

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