A local man heard in district court he will be spending time in a state prison after he fired shots at a woman while she held a baby in a carrier following an argument at his midtown residence in February.

On Monday, June 24, Thomas C. Strathman, 48, of Atchison, received a sentence of 12 months in prison, eligible for up to 25 percent good time credit, for an aggravated assault tagged as a domestic violence conviction. Twelve months in the county jail is also on tap for endangering a child, as well as six months in jail for criminal discharge of a firearm; both are misdemeanor offenses and are to run concurrent to the felony sentence.

Strathman pleaded guilty in the District Court of Atchison County on April 29, one day before his scheduled jury trial on multiple felonies. Although he has been a presumptive prison candidate under a special rule involving a weapon, his criminal history reflected a few minimal offenses that made him eligible for the judge to grant a departure if he believed it would be in the community’s best interest.

However, Judge Robert Bednar told Strathman he opted for the time in prison because he could not ignore the fact Strathman pointed to the 56-year-old female victim’s head.

Strathman was also given credit for the 90 days he served in jail following his arrest on Feb. 6 in the 1000 block of North 10th Street. He was arrested after police responded to a disturbance call inside a residence. The parties exited the house and moved outdoors before the disturbance escalated and resulted in shots fired toward the victim and into the ground.

The disturbance resulted in no injuries to the parties involved. A policeman suffered a dog bite after the officer encountered the startled pet during the ongoing investigation at the crime scene.

Police apprehended Strathman and booked him into the Atchison County Jail where he remained on a $25,000 bond until his plea. Following his plea was released on bond until sentencing. Strathman is currently in jail as he awaits his transport to prison.

J. David Farris served as Strathman’s defense counsel.

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