Olivia G. Sands

Olivia G. Sands

A 55-year-old man was taken to a hospital by EMS ambulance and a 29-year-old female was transported to the Buchanan County Jail in connection with a vehicular battery that recently in Atchison.

Olivia G. Sands, of St. Joseph, Missouri was arrested and taken into custody for an Atchison County District Court warrant for aggravated battery. The charge arose from a 911 call Atchison police officers responded to about 7:45 p.m. March, 9 in the 700 block of South Fifth Street.

Sands arrived to face Kansas charges late afternoon Friday, March 13 and was booked into the Atchson County Jail where she remains in leiu of a $30,000 bond. Sands is scheduled for a 1 p.m. criminal docket appointment on Monday, March 23 in district court.

Atchison Police Chief Mike Wilson said the call centered on the man’s injuries suffered that included a broken leg after he fell from the hood of a moving vehicle driven by Sands.

Sands and the victim are acquainted with one another, Wilson said. The incident unfolded as Sands drove her vehicle in an alley. The victim jumped in front of the vehicle in an effort to prevent Sands from driving away, but she proceeded eastbound in the alley and struck the victim, the thrust from the impact had thrust him upon the hood where he remained for a distance before he fell off.

Wilson said the female left the area and the victim was transported to the hospital. An investigation culminated into Sands’ arrest and charges filed.

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