A Leavenworth resident has been identified by authorities after his recent arrest as the third of three teens suspected of involvement in a Nov. 22 home invasion robbery in the northern part of Atchison.

Jachauan A. Worley, 19, of Leavenworth, is behind bars in the Leavenworth County Jail, pending judicial proceedings in which, according to Atchison Chief of Police Mike Wilson, he will face felony charges that include:

Aggravated robbery

Aggravated burglary

Criminal restraint


Criminal damage to property

Police arrested two 16-year-olds in early December. A local woman reported to police that she answered the door on Nov. 22, before three males forced their way inside her apartment. After the arrest of the two younger suspects, Wilson said, police connected the dots between them and Worley.

“We followed leads that led to his location in Leavenworth,” Wilson said.

During the incident, Wilson said, the three male assailants are believed to have covered their faces with bandanas to conceal their identities. He said the assailants demanded money from the victim, with one of them hitting her in the face with a handgun; the victim also suffered a blow with a fist to her abdominal area.

The masked assailants took a small amount of cash, a cell phone and keys to a vehicle, per initial information released to the media by authorities. All three then fled through a window in the victim’s second story apartment and jumped down to ground level, before running from the scene.

The two juveniles face formal charges in juvenile court, brought by Patrick Henderson, who prosecutes criminal cases involving suspects under the age of 18 in his role as Assistant Atchison County Attorney. Their cases remain pending.

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