More time behind bars might likely be in store for a jail inmate convicted in district court for a threat made toward anyone willing to send him back to prison and domestic battery.

Joshua L. Sharp, 29, pleaded no contest Friday, Aug. 9 in Atchison County District Court to one felony count criminal threat and domestic battery that are in connection with two unrelated incidents. As part of a plea agreement one count aggravated battery was dismissed that relates to a third incident. The criminal threat is punishable from a minimum of five months to a maximum of 17 months in state prison.

Sentencing for Sharp is on the calendar for the 9 a.m. criminal docket on Friday, Sept. 20, in district court.

Sharp’s criminal threat plea was based on information proffered during a preliminary hearing of evidence within recent weeks, said Sherri Becker, Atchison County lead prosecutor.

Globe news reports indicate a complaint against Sharp filed March 12 in district court that he threatened to kill anyone who would send him back to prison while he pointed at the written name of his parole officer that was written on a piece in front of him. The threat was uttered March 8. The domestic battery conviction involved a Feb. 12 incident committed against a female acquaintance as Atchison police officers investigated the incident.

Officer Adam Bush visited with the female victim at Atchison Hospital, Becker said. Bush indicated the victim indicated to Bush that she and Sharp argued at their residence. It was in the course of the argument when Sharp smacked her in the face. The victim’s marks on her face were consistent with her statement to police.

Prior to the criminal threat and domestic battery, Sharp had been arrested on an outstanding warrant in late February in another jurisdiction for an alleged aggravated battery against a 27-year-old male for an incident that occurred in Sept. 23, 2018. This charge filed Jan. 11 was subsequently dismissed.

Globe news reports show Sharp was paroled from prison April 6, 2018 after he served time for a 2016 felony conviction for obstruction of the legal process. Prior to that conviction, Sharp also served a prison sentence for a 2014 conviction for aggravated battery.

Both convictions occurred in Atchison County jurisdiction. Prior to his arrest on the warrant for the 2018 aggravated battery, Sharp had most recently resided in Ada, Oklahoma. He was arrested in mid-February.

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