A 24-year-old Effingham man began serving his sentence Friday in connection with injuries he inflicted on restaurant manager after he was involved in a springtime disturbance at Mueller’s Locker Room.

Hollands was sentenced Monday, Jan. 27 in Atchison County District Court for a felony aggravated battery. Per terms of the negotiated plea agreement heard Dec. 2, 2019, Hollands will serve 60 days for a total completion of 1,040 hours in the Atchison County Jail and pay more than $4,000 in restitution within 90 days to cover the out of pocket expenses his victim incurred in wake of the injury she suffered caused by his actions.

Hollands was also ordered to undergo alcohol/substance abuse assessments and abide by any recommended course of treatment within 90 days after his release from incarceration. Although Hollands was granted probation, he is also subject to an underlying 24-month prison sentence to serve if he does not follow the rules as ordered.

The sentence was handed down after Chris McKee – the victim, offered an impact statement heard in the courtroom. She recalled the events that led to her ordeal after a disturbance after midnight on March 31, 2019. McKee recalled she thought this kid, identified as Hollands appeared to be a good kid. She heard a ruckus toward the front of bar that erupted between him and another patron. McKee said she and others escorted him out of the bar to protect him. In return, McKee said “you attacked me.” She continued to say Hollands suddenly grabbed her by the knees to pull her down. The action resulted in a shattered arm for McKee, then extensive treatment, aftercare and a month’s time off work that created a hardship because McKee is a single mother providing for her children by means of a modest income.

District Court Judge Robert Bednar told Hollands that he reviewed the files and that he had also suffered an arm injury very similar to McKee’s.

“You broke her arm as good as I have seen,” Bednar said. The treatment required surgery to install rods and she suffered an intense amount of pain. Bednar described Hollands' action as a “blind sight stunt.”

Bednar told Hollands that his recent conviction marks the second aggravated battery conviction within a close proximity related to alcohol consumption.

“You have two aggravated batteries now,” Bednar said, “because of your drinking problem. The next time it will be prison. “

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