Bryan Boldridge | Feb. 3, 2019

Bryan C. Boldridge, left, stands before Judge Robert Bednar (not pictured) with his court-appointed defense counsel Chris Scott, center, of Kansas City, during an arraignment hearing Monday in District Court.

A motion to grant immunity from prosecution on a claim of self defense was denied before a local man pleaded not guilty on Monday in last fall's officer-involved shooting. 

Bryan C. Boldridge, 44, of Atchison, is scheduled for a Tuesday, April 9, jury trial in District Court. Jurors are to decide Boldridge's innocence or guilt in connection with a felony complaint arising from an exchange of gunfire with a police officer on Oct. 31, 2018, in the North Fourth and L Street vicinity. The officer escaped injury in the incident, but Boldridge suffered a gunshot wound to his leg. Boldridge has since been charged with attempted second-degree murder. 

Evidence heard during a Jan. 15 hearing indicated Officer Darren Kelley deployed a Taser at Boldridge before the defendant and the officer exchanged gunfire.

Chris Scott of Kansas City, Boldrdige's court-appointed defense counsel, filed the motion to dismiss the case against his client. Scott argued that because Boldridge was tased in the incident, he feared for his own life and well-being, prompting him to draw a firearm and shoot at Kelley. 

Testimony heard at the evidence hearing indicates Boldridge was armed on Oct. 31 with a revolver contained in a holster attached to his hip area. The incident that day is linked with Boldridge's refusal refused to go to police headquarters to be processed for theft of services from the City of Atchison water utility. 

Per the evidence hearing, Boldridge attempted to walk away from Kelley rather than comply with processing in the alleged theft of services. Kelley twice commanded Boldridge to stop before Kelley deployed his Taser. 

Evidence heard at the hearing and stated in the probable cause investigative report indicates that Boldridge was not impacted, because the fired Taser didn't penetrate the heavy work jacket he wore that particular day. In turn, Boldridge fired his weapon. Kelley returned fire. 

Boldridge was transported to University of Kansas Hospital in Kansas City for treatment of his injuries. He is currently held in the County Jail on a $150,000 bond.

Scott requested a modification to the bond on behalf of Boldridge. Judge Robert Bednar ordered a bond screen to determine Boldridge’s suitability for bond modification. Bednar also scheduled a hearing for pre-trial motions during the 9 a.m. criminal docket on Friday, April 5.

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