Specimens of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Coronavirus 2, which causes the disease COVID-19, emerge from infected human cells taken from a patient in the United States at an undefined date.

The number of COVID-19 cases confirmed positive in the Atchison area appear to be on downward trend in comparison to the number of persons in quarantine due to direct contacts with an infected person.

USD 409 Superintendent Renee Scott releases the report for Atchison Public Schools on Tuesdays each week school is in session. For the Tuesday, Jan.12 reporting day, Scott indicated there were two positive cases in the whole school system. These cases relate to infected staff members. Scott also indicated that substitute staff persons are excluded from her reports.

One of the infected staff members is an Atchison Elementary School associate and the other at Atchison Middle School. Additionally there are two AES staff members in quarantine.

The student data shows zero positive cases among students in the USD 409 facilities, there are some in quarantine in all the learning centers. There are 12 pupils in quarantine who attend AES; four students attending AMS; three from Atchison High School and one quarantined Central School student.

President Phil Baniewicz, Headmaster of Maur Hill-Mount Academy, reported on Thursday, Jan. 14 that two students are confirmed positive cases. Quarantined are 28 students and two staff members.

USD 377 Superintendent reported there are currently three Atchison County Community Elementary School pupils quarantined.

Benedictine College is reporting zero cases of positive cases throughout its entire campus, according to its website.

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