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A recent spike of 88 new positive COVID-19 cases within seven days prompts extra concerns in community spread of infection and more restrictions as the latest from Kansas Department of Environment Due shows three clusters in Atchison County.

Atchison County Health Department official post on social media they’ve turned to KDHE to assist in the disease investigations countywide due to what they describe as a “significant” increase in positive cases. As of mid-week Atchison County was reporting 708 cases with 9 deaths, three hospitalized currently and a total of 136 of those cases active.

The post also indicates some persons who’ve tested positive cases might receive a call from KDHE disease investigators.

“We cannot stress enough how important it is to wear a mask, stay home when you are ill and avoid large gatherings,” the post indicates. “We are experiencing a large amount of community spread of this virus at this time.”

The county’s health department reported the 30 new cases from Saturday, Nov. 7 to Monday the 9th.

“If you know you have been a contact of a positive case, please stay home and quarantine until you hear from one of our staff or KDHE,” health officials posted.

Despite the climb in cases amid the pandemic Amberwell Health in-patient facility remains a stable fixture in the community to offer in-patient care.

“Our providers and employees have been well-prepared to care for all patients with or without COVID-19 diagnose, using procedures to ensure safe care for all within our facilities,” a hospital spokesperson said. “At this time, Amberwell Health has not experienced an overwhelming impact from COVID-19 patients at any of our locations. We will continue to stay prepared to handle any influx of patients that we may receive.”

The weekly KDHE Covid-19 Cluster report at, as updated Wednesday, Nov.11 indicates there are three clusters in Atchison County. There are six positive cases at Atchison Senior Village reporting a 14 days of an onset of Nov.4: 30 cases at Atchison County Jail within 14 days from a Nov. 6 onset; and five active cases at Benedictine College within 14 days of the last onset date of Nov. 5.

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