The 2019 Atchison County Tax Sale is done and it might be one of the most successful to date.

Atchison County Sheriff Jack Laurie auctioned off 29 of the 43 listed tracts printed on the list presented to bidders Wednesday, April 24. The parcels sold fetched a collective total in excess of $103,000. A dozen delinquent parcels had been redeemed the day prior to the sale.

County Clerk Michelle Phillips said there were 38 registered bidders.

County Treasurer Connie Ellerman’s unofficial tabulations show there were nine properties that only mustered $38, the required minimum bid. Less than five parcels failed to garner a bid from potential bidders.

Although the best deal of the day might remain to be seen at this time, the top seller was the lean-to warehouse structure attached to Kautz Electric, a downtown row store located at 922 Commercial Street. The building extends from the original store building 21 feet to the western edge of the lot, and is a minimum of 100 feet long.

The parcel that sold was actually one of two headed for the auction block; the brick Kautz building on the adjoining parcel addressed as 920 Commercial Street was redeemed the previous day and removed from the list, said County Counselor Patrick Henderson.

The sale this week marked the inaugural year some new home rules concerning tax sales were implement. Henderson crafted the resolution pursuant to Kansas statute that Atchison County commissioners adopted.

Atchison city officials were on hand the day of the sale with handouts to make buyers aware what properties listed within Atchison city limits and what special assessment fees and/or codes the properties might be subject to.

Before the start of the sale, Henderson announced purchasers are required to sign an affidavit that they are the party responsible for the property. The responsibilities include payment of the 2019 taxes and all going forward as well as special assessments.

“Do not bid if don’t understand the tax sale rules,” Henderson urged. “The risk is at your own peril.”

Following the sale, the successful buyers signed off on their respective deals, then settled up and made payment by one check to Atchison County Sheriff’s Office to cover the costs associated with deeds. From that point, the proceeds will be distributed accordingly.

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