Atchison County commissioners have cleared the way to release the second distributions of appropriated funds budgeted for 2019 to some non-profit groups and agencies.

Commissioners unanimously voted on

Tuesday, Aug. 27, to release the funds for payments on

Wednesday, Sept. 4. The batch represents a combined total of more than $184,979 to 10 organizations.

The groups are:

Achievement Services ... $15,946;

Atchison County Conservation District ... $9,648;

Atchison County Extension Office ... $45,249;

Atchison County Fair Association ... $2,540;

Atchison County Historical Society, Inc. ... 3,341;

Memorial Hall Trustees ... $10,190;

North East Kansas Multi-County Health Department ... $26,493;

Project Concern, Inc. ... $44,816;

and The Guidance Center, Inc ... about $24,213.

Atchison County Clerk Michelle Phillips said there is a third distribution balance of about $30,267 of budgeted funds for nine of these remaining nonprofit organizations due after the December collections. However, if the groups receive their full appropriation remains unknown contingent on the pending on what the tax collections bring into the county coffer.

Initially back in 2018, commissioners budgeted a total of $641,240 worth of appropriations to distribute in 2019 for 22 non-profits. In February, a total of $425,993 was respectively distributed in respectively allotted amounts to each agency or group.

Groups that have received their appropriations for the year are Atchison Area Chamber of Commerce – tourism; Amelia Earhart Festival; Atchison

Art Association; Atchison Child Care Association; Atchison Juneteenth Committee; Atchison YMCA Building; Glacial Hills Resource Conservation & Development Region, Inc.; Happy Hearts, Inc.; Humane Society of Atchison; Live Well, Live Atchison; North East Kansas Environmental Services; and Northeast Kansas Area Agency on Aging.

Mary Meyers can be reached via or on Twitter @MaryMeyersglobe. 

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