Tornado cookies

With the help of their mothers and grandmother, Garrison Oswald, Tennisyn Reichart, Monroe Reichart and Kayleen Oswald set up a lemonade and cookies stand on the Main Street of Effingham.

When the recent tornado northeast of Effingham blew away six-year-old Graycie Sinclair’s trampoline, Steve and Myka Sinclair could not imagine that the ill wind that destroyed Graycie’s trampoline would also bring love, kindness, comfort, and a new trampoline.

When Graycie’s little friends learned about the trampoline, they decided to have a fundraiser to replace it. With the help of their mothers and grandmother, Garrison Oswald, Tennisyn Reichart, Monroe Reichart and Kayleen Oswald set up a lemonade and cookies stand on the Main Street of Effingham.

They raised more than enough to replace the trampoline. They are the children of Jessie and Mitch Oswald and Blaine Reichart and Antoine Reichart. Myka Sinclair was overwhelmed by the generosity of the community.

“On behalf of the Sinclair family I want to thank the community for their generosity,” Sinclair said. “We are very thankful and grateful.”

Graycie is enjoying her new trampoline and since Myka and her husband wants to pay it forward they are meeting Saturday with a family from Linwood to give them the left over money.

Circle gives donation

to Salvation Army

The Mary Martha Circle of the Effingham Union Church met at the home of Janie Moser on June 6, with eleven members in attendance.

Chairperson Ida Taliaferro opened the meeting with a poem. Then she thanked the members for donating cookies and helping with the Soup and Sermon dinner that the Union Church served and helping with the Mary Martha’s February soup dinner.

The circle made plans to furnish 12 pies for the Farm Bureau Supper, July 25. The circle voted to give a monetary donation to the Salvation Army. Ida gave the lesson on the Beatitudes. The next meeting is with Sally Ellerman on Sept. 5.

ACCHS holds alumni banquet

About 135 people attended the 127th Atchison County Community High School Alumni Banquet, June 1st.

After the banquet, which was prepared by Martha Frederick and served by ACCHS Soundmasters, Former band instructor Paul Lundgren presented a patriotic program. Those alumni stood to be honored when their branch of service song was played.

Victoria Caplinger, Student Council President 2019-20 accompanied by Sarah Kimmi, Vice President, invited former alumni Kings and Queens to attend the Homecoming celebration in September.

Alumni President John Miller introduced the classes attending the reunion. Eileen Acheson class of 41 was the oldest and Corey Neill class of 1998 was the youngest.

An anonymous alumnus challenged those attending to match up to $1,000 for Alumni Foundation. They collected $591. Todd Gigstad spoke on the newly formed Education Foundation that will assist the district funding for facility projects, seed grants for teachers and classroom activities.

Election of officers was held. The new officers are: president Greg Miller 1970, vice-president Cindy Gigstad Ladd 1974, Secretary Sara Reiff Potts and treasurer Jim Cormode 1960.

The next alumni banquet is set for June 6, 2020.

Alice Johnson, Effingham correspondent

for Atchison Globe, she can be reached


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