Eric Noll

Atchison County Vice-chairman Eric Noll represents Atchison County on the NorthEast Kansas Environmental Services Board.

County leaders are on the hunt for interested stakeholders in the community to serve on an ad-hoc committee in effort to revise and update the sanitary code.

The process to update the existing Atchison County Sanitary Code adopted in 1998 has been ongoing for the past few years said Vice-chairman Eric Noll, of the Atchison County Commission. Noll represents the county serving on the North East Kansas Environmental Services Board comprised of several counties throughout the region.

Officials from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment are encouraging counties to regularly review and update their respective sanitary codes, Noll said. Atchison County is past due. NEKES officials have also reviewed existing codes for term changes and would like to modernize them.

There is no set number of members yet for the committee, Noll said. The number might be contingent on receipt of the letters of interest from potential candidates willing to serve. NEKES officials recommend candidates with different qualities and backgrounds to comprise the committee like a county health official, persons to represent the public at large, a representative realtor – because they would likely beware of septic issues regarding home sales, a septic system installer, a banker and any individual who has dealt with septic systems in some way.

Commissioners are seeking potential candidates who will be representative of a well-rounded group of individuals to review any proposed changes and make recommendations. Then approve changes before the revisions are presented to the public for any feedback before the code proceeds to any formal adoption and or revision.

Noll said he expects the committee work will be a brief time involving a few meetings and/or public hearings to complete the process.

Commissioners have set a noon Friday, Dec. 6 deadline to receive the letters. All letters of interest are to be submitted to Atchison County Clerk Michelle Phillips in person at her office, or mailed to Phillips at 423 North Fifth Street, Atchison, Kansas 66002, or email:

Interested parties with question may the Atchison County Clerk’s office at 913-804-6030.

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