Atchison County Appraiser Melissa Crane is on her way out the door, and meanwhile commissioners are seeking a suitable replacement to fill her shoes.

Crane submitted her official written notification to commissioners on May 7. Crane’s resignation is effective Sunday, June 30. In her letter and a comment to the Globe, Crane cited her lengthy commute as one of the reasons that factored into her decision to leave before her four-year appointment expires.

Crane resides outside of Atchison County. Crane thanked commissioners for the support shown to her during her tenure in Atchison.

Crane was appointed to her current position after former Appraiser Jim Lampe retired in 2017.

Concerning another personnel matter, commissioners recessed from public session to go behind closed doors Tuesday for 30 minutes with a potential candidate for the county appraiser’s position and Human Resource Director Jamie Madison. After commissioners resumed their regular meeting they did not take action on the matter.

Concerning an unrelated department, commissioners and a panel of interviewers did start to conduct interviews on for a new Road and Bridge Superintendent.

Commissioners agreed there were 11 applicants for the position vacated after commissioners unanimously took action to terminate the former superintendent, Seth Howard on April 30. Howard led the department since June of 2015.

Commissioners also confirmed the field had been narrowed to five candidates to consider for the road and bridge position.

Mark Gentry, a longtime road and bridge employee, was appointed May 7 to lead the department in the interim until the hire of a new road chief.

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