County leaders are making plans for the new year and bracing themselves for whatever might come along in the aftermath of the previous year.

Commissioners plan to formally organize for the current year at some point during the regular meeting portion of their meeting commencing at 1 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 13 in the commission room. Although that day falls on a different day than Tuesday, their regular weekly meeting day, Vice-chairman Eric Noll said commissioners will conduct their workshop from 10 a.m. to Noon, before the business meeting on Jan. 13.

Noll also offered some clarification about commissioners’ rash of short business meetings within the past few weeks. Although it’s only been about 10 to 15 minutes to take care of county business, commissioners are in 2-hour workshops before the afternoon meeting sessions. Except for Christmas Eve when commissioners convened in regular session during morning hours.

Atchison County Counselor Patrick Henderson said the abstractors have identified the properties that will be eligible to be on the list for an upcoming delinquent tax sale. Henderson said he is hopeful to file the necessary paperwork by the end of January in Atchison County District Court in effort for a sale to proceed sometime during 2020. There are about 106 parcels on the list at this time, Henderson said.

Chairman Jack Bower was present to participate during the meeting via telephone.

Concerning other recent matters, commissioners:

Finalized the details of a lease purchase agreement with GN Bank, N.A. to finance the acquisition of a John Deere 672G Motor Grader. Commissioners will purchase the grader over a period of five years at 2.99 percent per annum interest.

Unanimously approved a $138 purchase order from NPG Newspapers for a Season’s Greetings advertisement from the county for publication in the Globe. The advertisement, published in the Christmas Greetings section of the Saturday, Dec. 21, 2019 edition highlights commissioners, elected officials and department heads along with a directory of the respective telephone numbers.

Unanimously approved a purchase order and invoice payment as present from Kansas County Association Multi-Line Pool to pay the 2020 annual property and liability premium contribution in the amount of $165,524.

The county paid an actual $139,540 amount for tort liability premium in 1918; in comparison a projected expenditure of $145,000 was budgeted for 2019; and during the 2020 budget workshop season, $164,740 was the anticipated premium budgeted for the current year. This reflects $784 more than the expected amount.

Commissioners also:

Unanimously voted during the Dec. 17 meeting, to approve to amendment the 2019 budget as presented in a legal notice as published Dec. 7 in the Atchison Globe. The amendment reflects a reclassification of a bond payment as debt services expenditure instead of Special Highway Fund expenditure.

Re-appointed and extended contracts to three attorneys, John Kurth, Rex Lane and Judd Herbster to represent juvenile and misdemeanor offenders. Kelly Fuemmeler, a Troy-based attorney, will remain on the list until commissioners appoint an attorney to replace her.

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