Atchison County Commission members on Tuesday unanimously approved a 3 percent cost of living wage adjustments for all employees in 2020.

Commissioners also unanimously approved the following salaries for themselves, other elected officials and appointed department heads.

Annual salaries have been set at $20,000 for Eric Noll, who represents the Second County Commission District; $21,424 for Jack Bower, who represents the first district; and $21,424 for Henry W. “Bill” Pohl, who represents the third district.

Other salary adjustments for elected officials are as follows:

  • About $52,500 for County Clerk Michelle Phillips, broken down as a little more than $42,200 for duties as clerk, and more than $7,200 for her service as Atchison County’s chief elections officer.
  • About $53,700 for County Treasurer Connie Ellerman, broken down as $43,500 for her primary duties plus a little less than $10,200 in compensation from the Kansas Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • About $71,000 for Sheriff Jack Laurie.
  • About $83,600 for County Attorney Sherri Becker.
  • About $45,000 for Shelley Campbell, register of deeds.

Salary levels for appointed officials are as follows:

  • Just under $67,000 for Deborah Thompson, county appraiser.
  • About $51,900 for Jamie Madison, human resources director.
  • Just over $41,500 for Joe Bowen, maintenance supervisor.
  • About $63,000 for Jay Harbour, public works director.
  • Just over $67,700 for Corey Scott, EMS director.
  • About $70,400 for Kinton Friend, administrator of Atchison Senior Village.
  • Just over $38,200 for Staci Waggle, solid waste manager.
  • Just over $46,400 for Kim Pruett, joint communications director.
  • Just under $56,000 for Shelly Nelson, community corrections director.
  • Just over $71,200 for Patrick Henderson, broken down as just under $40,100 for his duties as county counselor and legal adviser to the County Commission and just over $31,100 for his duties as assistant county attorney.
  • Just over $55,000 for Wesley Lanter, broken down as just under $39,500 for duties as county emergency management director and just under $15,600 as the county’s IT director.

Because of a mistake by the editor, the name of Staci Waggle appeared with a typographical misspelling in a previous version of this story. Atchison Globe regrets the error

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