A familiar face and longtime employee at the courthouse has been appointed to serve as a department head.

Deborah Thompson, will officially become county appraiser, effective Monday, July 1 for the term expiring June 30, 2021, or until an appointment of her successor . Thompson will fulfill the unexpired term of the current County Appraiser Melissa Crane.

Crane’s officially submitted her letter of resignation May 7, effective Sunday, June 30.

Thompson has been employed in the Atchison County Appraiser’s Office for numerous years and is currently qualified to serves as the appraiser in accordance with Article 41 of Chapter 58 of the Kansas Statutes Annotated.

Chairman Jack Bower and Commissioner Henry W. “Bill” Pohl made the appointment Tuesday, June 11, after they signed off on Resolution No. 2019-1452.

Concerning other matters, commissioners:

Signed off on an extension of the current disaster proclamation to make the county eligible for federal funding for River Road, damage assessments related to streets and townships.

Approved a payout to Gerber Electric for installation of electrical power from the main EMS building to the outbuildings for storage and maintenance.

Signed off on a mutual aid agreement with Brown County for emergency preparedness purposes in the event of a major emergency or the imminent threat of loss of life or severe wide-spread damage due to a disaster, man-made accident , military or paramilitary cause.

Approved a purchase order in the amount of $4,866 to Midwest Mobile Radio to replace an antenna that was recently struck by lightning atop a water tower in Atchison. The price also includes an extra one in the event of a similar occurrence in effort to keep the system in operation. The antenna is subject to a partial reimbursement from Kansas County Association Multiline Insurance Pool.

Approved a $3,916 bid from Sowers Electric to make heat pump repairs to restore air conditioning capability in the Atchison County Clerk’s Office.

Approved a clarification of wording in the contractual agreement not to exceed $23,000 expenditure with Schwab-Eaton for engineering services for solid waste.

Approved a $2,514 purchase order payable to Lockwood Printing for 2019-2020 election supplies.

Commissioner Eric Noll was absent from the meeting.

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