The cost of housing Atchison Municipal Court inmates is on the rise for third time in about 25 years.

Effective the first of January, it is costing the city coffers $60 per day to house city inmates for any part of any day, said Atchison County Sheriff Jack Laurie during a presentation to the Atchison County Board of County Commissioners. Laurie said it is a measure allowed by statute to manage the costs associated with jail operations.

The reflects a $15 increase from the $45 cost agreement that the former Atchison City Manager and Laurie had negotiated and instituted in January of 2017.

The initial charge of $40 was adopted by Resolution No. 1138 on Aug. 16, 1995. It became effective Sept. 1, 1995, and signed by commissioners at the time, Chairman Susie Pickman, Russell Eckert and Tom Lykins. The charge back then and currently applies to persons arrested for municipal warrants and/or serving sentences handed down from municipal court. The resolution also states if the city’s inmate must be housed at a facility other than the county jail then the cost of the housing will be passed on to the city.

Laurie said prior to that, he is unsure what arrangements were in place after the city jail actively ceased its jail operations, and he is uncertain how often or if the terms of 1138 were enforced. After the current county jail facility came in to operation in 2000, there was a verbal agreement that was based on the availability of space.

Commissioners were advised of the increase during their morning workshop session on Tuesday, Jan. 7, and they reviewed the statute. By consensus, they agreed no formal action is required on the matter, because of the statutory guidelines. However, the matter is subject to a review by County Counselor Patrick Henderson, who might prepare an updated resolution to rescind Resolution No. 1138 and the 2017 agreement, Laurie said.

Commissioners did take action and adopt Resolution No. 2020-1459 to repeal refine the details of a resolution concerning to the collection of booking and fingerprint processing fees through Atchison County District Court.

The resolution authorizes the county jail, being the only authority operating a detention facility and responsible for its funding, be provided a fee that will not exceed $45 from persons arrested or diverted under a pre-adjudication program, or convicted for misdemeanors or felonies. The district court will collect the fees and disburse them to the county’s general fund.

The rescinded Resolution No. 1228 adopted June18, 2003 only addressed the booking fees.

The resolution adopted Tuesday becomes effective after its publication as a legal notice in the official county newspaper.

Concerning other matters, commissioners:

Recessed from public session for a 30-minute executive session to discuss a matter of non-elected personnel. Henderson was present throughout the whole session. Human Resource Director Jamie Madison joined commissioners and Henderson for the remaining 20 minutes of the closed door discussion. After public meeting resumed, commissioners took no action on the matter.

Unanimously approved a purchase order as presented by Emergency Management Director Wesley Lanter for $6,938 payable to Kearney Construction to pay for an 18-foot by 12-foot overhead garage door for its construction and installation at the EMS and Rescue complex.

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