Michelle Phillips

Atchison County Clerk Michelle Phillips serves as the county’s chief election officer.

Atchison County Commission members are preparing to appoint an eligible voter residing in Mt. Pleasant Township fulfill the unexpired term of the township clerk.

The appointee will serve in the position vacated by former Clerk Cathy Sweigart, of Potter. Sweigart filed as the Republican candidate for the township treasurer while serving as clerk, and emerged as the victor in the November General Election.

Atchison County Clerk Michelle Phillips, the county’s chief election officer, explained Sweigart having won was sworn by the oath to office in January to serve as the Mt. Pleasant treasurer and resigned from her township clerk position in accordance with Kansas Statute Article and Chapter 1606.

The next step is county commissioners are required to fill the vacancy with an eligible appointee in accordance with the statute, Phillips said.

Commissioners expect to review letters of interest during the 1p.m. meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 26 by a valid method yet to be determined in effort appoint an eligible person to serve as Mt. Pleasant Township clerk.

Interested parties are invited to submit their names along with a letter of interest to fill the vacant position by start of the upcoming meeting to the Atchison County Clerk. Letters can be deposited in the drop box outside the courthouse along the Parallel Street side or hand delivered in the County Clerk’s Office, Phillips said. For more information call 913-804-6030 or email mphillips@atcoks.org.

To be eligible for consideration applicants must be a registered Atchison County voter and currently residing in Mt. Pleasant Township.

Information about this position is also posted on the Atchison County Official website log onto https://www.atchisoncountyks.org/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=371&fbclid=IwAR2LKDXegPqD1M7OoERzTEyc.

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